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I have been voluntarily managing K.K Sports and Leisure Centre for 3 years, during this time we have implemented a variety of new facilities; most specifically the Boxing Club.  Boxing has been a huge passion of mine for as long as I can remember, so it was a fantastic opportunity to divulge this through our leisure centre.  I am an ABA registered boxing coach, which allows me to teach and train people in boxing, putting extra focus on getting more women into the sport.  I also love martial arts and enjoy instructing classes and participating in them too when I have free time.





I have had a passion for sport and fitness for a number of years. I enjoy an array of sporting activities, my favourite being football. I first got into the gym when I was 16 in my final year of school. I decided I needed to change my unhealthy habits and started researching effective nutrition and training programmes. I managed to lose 10kg in fat and began to really enjoy weight training. My interest grew in this field, therefore I opted to make it a career. I have been working as a fitness instructor for almost 4 years now and I want to help you achieve your goals by applying my knowledge in health, fitness and nutrition.



I base my workouts around unorthodox strength and endurance methods and pass these workouts on to members by training along-side them, motivating and encouraging them. I find this to be very enjoyable and is definitely a part of my job I enjoy. I am also a coach for the Kids Boxing classes and it is very motivating and rewarding to offer young children a healthy activity that can be fun. I currently play for Trent rugby league so conditioning for sports plays a vital role in my life and I wish to help anyone who is part of a team to reach their sporting aspirations.





I am a centre attendant at K.K Sports & Leisure Centre and have a huge passion for sports and fitness. I enjoy coaching children in football and more recently boxing. I was fortunate enough to recently partake and pass my Safeguarding with Children and Shadow Boxing qualifications to boost my credentials in the coaching field. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, kickboxing and participating and assisting with the exercise classes that are run at our Leisure Centre.





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