Although we have a range of gloves, pads, head-guards and skipping ropes available for your use at our club, we do recommend that you should purchase your own equipment, both for hygiene reasons and to keep the clubs equipment in the best condition possible for newcomers.

We offer a range of boxing equipment for sale through the club, such as:

Sparring gloves (variety of weights)

Bag Mitts


Elasticated Hand wraps

Pull on Hand wraps

Gum shields

Speed Skipping Ropes

Standard Skipping Ropes

Weighted skipping Ropes


For more information or advice about any equipment then please contact us.

Anything we offer for sale through our club will have been tried and tested by professional boxers, and because we have inside industry knowledge of all the products we can ensure you will be getting the best quality equipment, that will deliver the best personal results for you as a fighter. All equipment we sell at the club has been AIBA approved and meets relevant governing bodies standards.


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